For the students, by the students.

Our program is taught by actual medical students and organized by both pre-medical and medical students. The quality and effectiveness of the course is also being researched by medical students at the University of Colorado, School of Medicine.

We want to make you competitive. 

We realize that getting into medical school requires a lot more than doing well on the MCAT. Therefore, we offer additional mentorship and application assistance from actual medical students who’ve been through it all.

Low cost but not low quality.

Although we charge less than half of all the major prep courses, our instructors have scored amongst 98th percentile and have taught and/or tutored for multiple years. We are also constantly assessing the program to ensure that participant feedback is utilized to improve the quality and design of the course.

Not profit-centered.

We strive recruit and serve students underrepresented in healthcare. However, we also invite those who are unwilling or unable to pay for the ridiculously high-priced courses available. In this regard, we offer flexible payment plans and at least one work-study scholarship per course season. We’ve also partnered with other non-profit pre-med pipeline programs to procure MCAT Cooperative scholarships for their participants.

Student organization and faculty supported.

We hypothesize that the high cost of MCAT prep courses are creating a barrier for those who can’t afford them, including students who are underrepresented in the healthcare field. The primary purpose of the program is to offer the academic community fresh research on MCAT prep courses while creating a much-needed resource that may increase the diversity of the physician workforce. Therefore, we have been able to partner and receive support from local student organizations, medical school faculty, and pre-med advisers.