Our Team

The Teachers:

Quin Nguyen

Howdy ho, my name is Quin, I’m a “Medical Candidate for 2014”, fancy for I’m in med school.  I went to UCD and CSU for undergrad and received a major in biochemistry and minor in chemistry.  My academic experience: I worked as a tutor for several years, and have worked in four separate basic research labs at National Jewish and University of Colorado School of Medicine.  I have presented my work at several national conferences and have had the privilege to be first author on two publications.  All the science stuff aside, I like to stay active, I enjoy bouldering, hiking, and practicing martial arts.  Feel free to ask me about non-science stuff, like life as a med student and what happens if you don’t score well (I took the MCAT twice).  I am very excited to work with everyone and help you all get that smoking MCAT score.


Janine Hoerauf

Although I now think that Colorado is the greatest state in the U.S. of A., it hasn’t always been that way. I grew up in southern Maryland where 2 inches of snow will get you out of school. I didn’t venture far for college. I graduated from Johns Hopkins University in Birdland (aka, Baltimore) where I double majored in Neuroscience, and Earth and Planetary Sciences. After graduating in 2012, I spent a year living in Ecuador where I discovered my newfound passions for teaching, the Spanish language and, of course, salsa dancing. I am now in the Class of 2017 at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and am loving it! Outside of school, I love hiking, running, snowboarding (most types of exercise, really), watching the Broncos, traveling, cooking, reading and enjoying the unpredictable weather of Colorado.



Courtney Eichengreen

Born and raised in Colorado Springs, I entered the University of Colorado in Boulder with a plan to study Chemical Engineering. After that proved to be not at all what I wanted to do with my life, I ran away to South America for a year and returned with a renewed passion for medicine. I finished majors in Molecular Biology and Spanish Literature in 2010, and took a year to work and apply to medical school. I taught for Kaplan Test Prep and have taught every subject of the MCAT – although the unique challenge of Verbal Reasoning is my personal favorite. I believe the critical reading and logic strategies you learn while preparing for the Verbal Reasoning section will vastly improve your performance on other sections of the test.  I also love helping students discover creative ways to present themselves in personal statements and on applications! Outside of school and test prep, I paint pretty pictures, play the piano, frequent farmers’ markets and apparently use a lot of alliteration.



June Ng

June is originally an east (faaaar east) coaster. She was born in Hong Kong, and was raised in New Jersey. While acquiring a bachelor’s degree in biology from NYU, she privately tutored high school students in chemistry and algebra, and conducted research in developmental genetics for a few years.
Upon graduating, she spent a year abroad in the Middle East teaching biology to college students at NYU Abu Dhabi. She spent her free time that year in other countries riding camels and finding out how to properly wear a sari. Now a first year medical student at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, I spend my non-studying time playing ultimate frisbee, learning spanish, and collecting state quarters.

Tyler Barr

I grew up in Loveland, Colorado and journeyed all the way up to Fort Collins to complete a Bachelors in Biological Science at CSU. I tutored organic chemistry, genetics and general chemistry there for 3 semesters. I also worked in a genetic research lab while at CSU, and more recently worked at Vintages winery in Fort Collins before starting here at UCSOM last fall. I’m into the standard Colorado type things which for me includes: fresh air, sunshine, the outdoors, craft beer, bicycling, wine, gardening, and ultimate Frisbee.

Maureen Canellas

I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and got an academic full ride to the University of MO. Upon graduation I received a BS in Mathematics, Honors BS in Biochemistry, minor in Biology and was named the Marshall Graduate for the 2012 A&S graduating class. I conducted research both at Harvard and Mizzou and wrote a senior thesis paper on c-di-GMP’s enzyme kinetics. Outside of academics, my main obsessions are traveling (I recently went to Germany) and playing any sport known to man. I am always inspired by my father’s story — his parents had no education past the 4th grade, he came to the US from Cuba and didn’t speak English, became valedictorian 5 years later, attended UCLA and earned a PhD in biochemistry. My goal is to help students, like him, overcome their barriers and achieve success in their higher education endeavors. I will be working alongside the founders to study how socioeconomic barriers and social support effect one’s academic well-being in an attempt to find even more ways we can help our students succeed in this course and throughout their future careers as physicians.

Alian Aquino

My name is Alian Aquino and I am currently a fourth year medical student at The University of Colorado School of Medicine.   I am applying to residency programs in anesthesiology.  I graduated from college in 2010 with a B.S. in Physics and a minor in chemistry from California State University Fullerton.  I love to snowboard whenever possible and I like to weight lift.  I also very much enjoy checking out the multitude of craft eateries and microbrews in Colorado.


Doug Rooke

Doug grew up in Seattle, WA where he was brainwashed into thinking that a normal winter day should be 38 °F and drizzling.  Not knowing what he wanted to do with his life, he flipped a coin between Whitman College in Washington (heads) and Colby College in Maine (tails).  The coin came up tails; so he packed two duffel bags and moved to Maine.  While in college, Doug studied chemistry and did a lot of competitive deforestation (timbersports).  Being a masochist, Doug found organic chemistry so incredibly stimulating that he decided to come out to Fort Collins for graduate school.  Several thousand beers into his PhD, he came about, and decided to attend medical school.  While still working 6 days a week in the lab, he found some time to study for the MCAT, fill out the ridiculously long AMCAS application, and not get fired.  Doug is currently a MS-I at UC-Denver and loving every bit of it (no exaggeration).  In his free time you can find Doug skiing, hiking, brewing beer, drinking beer, and nerding out about science, especially chemistry.

Jason Hafer

Jason lives in Aurora with his wife, Christina and 8-month old son, James.  He is a member of the Colorado School of Medicine Class of 2016 and is absolutely loving his time in Medical School.
He was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and always enjoyed learning – especially about science.  Then, after spending 2 years on an LDS Mission to Germany, he knew he wanted to work with, and help, people.  Thus, medicine was the perfect combination.  He attended the University of Utah and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Health Promotion and Education and is also a certified EMT-Intermediate.
Outside of school, Jason enjoys anything outdoors – soccer, baseball, camping, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and even wrote his medical school personal statement about building igloos.  He just enjoys sharing experiences and making memories with other people.

The Founders:

Ben Medrano, co-founder & father, Joe Medrano


Ben Medrano is a University of Colorado – Denver graduate of the University of Colorado School of Medicine. He is of mixed ethnicity (white & Mexican) and is the first in his family to attend college. After stumbling his way through the pre-medical process Ben realized that there are a number of hurdles that are unique to low-income, first-generation students and for many ethnic minorities in general. As part of his mentored scholarly research in the Urban Underserved Track (CU-UNITE) during his M.D., he decided to form the MCAT Cooperative for the benefit of other pre-meds who may be facing similar challenges in funding their education and navigating the application process. Ben is currently in his residency training in psychiatry in New York City.



Louis Leslie, co-founder



Louis was born in Colorado and then raised in a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in rural Scotland. His connection to the Tibetan Community was what led him, through the circuitous route of dialysis, to pursuing medicine as a career. He is currently a medical student at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Facing many challenges gaining access to medical school made Louis jump at the opportunity to help found MCAT Cooperative, which strives to create access to medicine for people of all walks of life. He continues to try and find ways to refine the curriculum and lower the cost of the program for all.